Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I'm All About

Ever use that perfect combination of waiting for a sale and finding a coupon for a product and think: "Holy Moley, I just got the best price EVAH on this product!"

Then you go home and think, "I got the best price EVAH."

"I think I got the best price EVAH."

"It was a good price."

"I think it was an OK price."

Then, finally, "Dang it all, I need to start a price book."

That's me. And this is my online price book. Feel free to comment to add your best price EVAH on products. I'm building this little by litte and will be trying to post according to product name, ie, peanut butter. Then I'll explain where I bought, how (using coupon or not), my price, and my price per unit.


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