Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birds Eye Viola Frozen Dinner - Chicken Garlic

5/6 - I have some $1/1 coupons I need to use up so I'm going to do some price comparisons on these. Prices below are without coupons applied (as are all my posts). We like the Garlic Chicken for a fast, easy dinners for those nights we're in a rush.

5/6/13 Walmart $3.74
5/7/13 Target $3.99
5/7/13 Marsh $4.99
5/7/13 Kroger - went in and looked, it was $4 something but then promptly forgot exact amount. Either $4.99 or $4.09. Either way, Walmart is the winner this week. Going to go back tomorrow and use up my coupons.

10/6/11 Meijer $2.99

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