Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Shopping

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $137.13 at Wal-Mart, over my $120 budget. I bought some bulk items (dog food, 5 lbs of ground beef) but still, I need to get the grocery budget down because it's one of the few line items in the family budget that isn't fixed.
Not to mention that later in the day I made a separate, short trip to Kroger to buy some eggs with double coupons. I don't know if they even ended up being cheaper that way. I saved all my receipts though and plan to updated the price book this week.
I had a bit of a baking spree on Sunday. While it was a satisfying fall activity and my daughters pitched in to help, I need to re-commit to a lower carb lifestyle if I want to keep my blood sugar in check. I'm dragging today because of yesterday's (and, yikes, truth be told, this morning's) cookies and muffins.

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